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Brandy & Ray-J Talk Kim Kardashian, Flo’Rida

Brandy and Ray J hit up The George Lopez Show the other night to talk about their upcoming reality series.
Before the two started to chat about the show, George Lopez asked Ray J about his most famous ex-girlfriend. When asked if there’s any chance of reconciliation between he and Kim Kardashian now that she’s no longer with Reggie Bush

(until the next season of her show anyway), Ray J didn’t even get the chance to answer as his big sister answered for him.
Brandy said (with a smile), “Absolutely not!”
Soon after, Ray J confirmed Brandy’s declaration.
As for who Brandy is or isn’t dating, George inquired about her relationship with Flo’Rida. Although it’s been reported that the two are dating and they’ve since been photographed together several times Brandy would only refer to him as a “good friend” before talking about how she likes to keep her private life just that.
You can check out the rest of the interview below where the two talk about their relationship and the new show.


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