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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Says Report of Not Paying Rent: “A Total Lie”EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Says Report of Not Paying Rent: “A Total Lie”

 Lindsay Lohan’s mom

, Dina, is jumping to her defense, lashing out at reports that the 23-year-old starlet has not been paying her rent and is broke.

According to Dina, a local New York news station first ran the story, and it was picked up by other news outlets.
In an exclusive statement to, Dina calls the claims “a total lie.”

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 “It’s unfortunate that our local news channel would put something out there to the public that is totally false,” Dina said. “That Lindsay would not be paying her rent is a total lie.”
Lindsay reportedly had to pay $23,000 in back rent to her landlord after months of non-payment and a legal notice telling her to pay up or get out.

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As reported, Lindsay spent all of last night out clubbing —first she went to Les Deux, where she fell again as she was leaving  around midnight. She then went to Voyeur where she was denied entrance at the front door.

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