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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Snooki Involved In Miami Bar Fight, Slaps Man & Throws Food

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi slapped a man, sparked a food fight and threw alcohol over him during a bar fight in South Beach, Miami, on Saturday night

In retaliation, the man showered the Jersey Shore star with his own drink, during the incident at Ocean’s 10 bar on Ocean Drive at around 6pm.

MTV was filming the second series of the hit reality show, at the time. Police were not called.

According to an eye witness, the argument started when a drunken lout expressed interest in the newly single Snooki.

She had been doing shots with co-star Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, said the witness.

“She was in a good mood, but this particular guy was obviously interested and she wasn’t,” explained Fred Hernandez, who was at the bar and watched the incident.

“She told him, ‘Don’t f— with me’ so he snatched her drink and walked off.

“He returned to his table and told a friend, the man in the green T-shirt, who then came over and mouthed off to Snooki.
“I guess he provoked her by wanting an apology and she flipped out.”

In the ensuing confrontation, Snooki reached for food on her table and threw it over the beefy brute.

She then lunged toward the man, slapping him across the shoulder with her left hand — and then walloping him in the face with a second, right handed slap.
Not content, Snooki then doused the contents of a nearby plastic cup over him.

In response, the man — whose identity is not known — reached for his own drink and drenched Snooki, much to her anger.

Security responded and booted him out of the venue.

“What the f— has happened,” JWOWW screamed at Snooki, as she rushed to her co-star’s aid.

To which she responded: “He took my drink!”

It is the second bar fight to involve 21-year-old Snooki. During series one, Brad Ferro, a teacher at North Queens Community High School, was caught by MTV cameras slugging Snooki in the face inside a Seaside Heights, New Jersey, bar.

MTV showed clips of the shocking punch in promos for the show, but it ultimately pulled the footage from the episode, calling it “extremely disturbing”.

After this latest confrontation, Snooki continued to party as fans screamed, “We love you Snooki!”


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