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Inside Snooki’s Breakup: She Dumped Him Via Voicemail

Unable to do a dramatic face-to-face breakup, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dumped her recent boyfriend Emilio Masella via voicemail.

“I told Nicole I tried out for Real World and she was upset,” Masella told People, confirming a story first broken by  “She thought I was using her to get on the show which is ridiculous.” After a Saturday night argument, he got a voicemail on Sunday morning ending their relationship.

“You’re nothing. You’re single,” Snooki said angrily.

GOSSIP had also learned that Snooki had found out that Emilio was writing messages to girls on Facebook, asking them out and trying to hook up with them. He even had pictures of girls wrapped around him.
“Snooki has a lot of self respect and she just won’t put up with that behavior,” the source told “Emilio is so upset about the break-up, but let’s face it, he did it to himself. Obviously people have been watching him and following him since he started dating Snooki, and considering that what kind of idiot would post pictures of themselves with other girls?”

Good thing her pals were vigilant. “Obviously Snooki has friends on the outside that are looking out for her.”lol


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