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INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan Says Michael Didn’t Even Recognize Daughter During Intervention

 Michael Lohan brought Sherriff’s deputies to his daughter

Lindsay’s apartment Wednesday to check on the welfare of his younger daughter Ali.

Michael Lohan Brings The Cops To Lindsay’s Apartment

But Dina Lohan told exclusively that Michael looked right at 16-year-old Ali and didn’t recognize her!

“Michael walked into the apartment looked right at Ali and said, I’m looking for my daughter Ali, is she here?” Dina told

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“That’s from Ali’s lips to God’s ears.
“He didn’t even recognize his own daughter

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“That’s what she told me he said when he walked in there and saw her.
“I’m in shock right now. I can’t really speak. I’m petrified for my girls and their safety.
“I’m just trying to get to the bottom of all this. My girls are so afraid of him, I’ve had an order of protection place since 2005 and it stands until 2011. Ali is out there visiting. They are so afraid for their lives. My ex-husband is dangerous.”
Michael created headlines and frenzy when he went to Lindsay’s place to check on Ali.

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And the Sherriff’s department told “We were called to the address to make a welfare check. There was no evidence of anything being awry.”

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