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Jersey Shore Gang Not Welcome In Miami Hot Spots

The Jersey Shore has officially landed in Miami, shooting the second season of the mega hit reality series, but has run into a complication. The cast is being denied access to some Miami hot spots that don’t want the trouble of dealing with all that accompanies their appearances.

“A lot of places in South Beach aren’t letting them in,” a source on the scene exclusively told .
“They’re not welcome at many spots, and they’re getting refused all over the place.”

The cast is just getting to know their new city, but it seems that the locals haven’t been as welcoming to the Guido’s and Guidettes as they were at the Jersey Shore.
“A lot of places don’t want the cast in their clubs and restaurants because they don’t have the best reputation and they’re concerned about fights breaking out,” the source said.

Last season’s shenanigans left some Scars, including a lawsuit against MTV by JT and KP, the couple who got into the infamous brawl with Ronnie Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.
Will the backlash change the way the show is shot in Season 2?
“The group went out the other night and when they left the house they needed a police escort. And they need security wherever they go,” said the source.

They might be hot on tv but that still wouldn’t change my mind if i had a club to let them in “GO SOMEWHERE ELSE” SAY WHAT YOU WANT BUT THAT’S JUST MY OPINION!!!!


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