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BREAKING NEWS: Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant Issued

Lindsay Lohan’s probation has been revoked by the judge
overseeing her DUI probation case and bail has been set at $100,000, GWL is reporting.
As expected, Lindsay, stuck in Cannes, was a no-show in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday, in spite of an order by Judge Marsha Revel that she appear.
During the hearing, a clearly agitated Judge Revel said, “There is reason for the court to be concerned.”

“I warned her before, she knew it was very serious,” Judge Revel said before issuing an arrest warrant.
The judge has found that Lindsay violated her probation and ordered random drug testing for her. She also ordered the party girl to stop drinking alcohol.
Lindsay must wear a SCRAM bracelet that detects alcohol use too. “Her actions in the past have not justified me having faith,” Judge Revel said.
Those conditions are contingent on Lindsay making bail. 
Judge Revel is also requiring that Lindsay “ must attend alcohol class”  and there would be no exceptions and no makeup classes.   
Prosecutor Danette Meyers had  asked $100,000 bail be set for Lindsay. Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley argued that amount is too high. But in the end the judge agreed to the  $100,000 bail.
“She has been late to court before,” a frustrated Judge Revel said as the proceeding unfolded. And she pointed out that Lindsay “had two charges of being under the influence of cocaine,” the judge said at one point.
Lindsay’s attorney promised that Lindsay will “be here” late Friday.
The judge is going on vacation and wants to make sure that a replacement judge is aware of her previous ruling.
At a news conference outside the courthouse after the hearing, Lindsay’s attorney said of her client “she needs to get back to Los Angeles, so we can address this with the court.”
Holley says Lindsay is “taking this seriously” and was late to court only once and “she’s in substantial compliance with probation terms.” She blames the “media circus” for influencing the judge.
Lisa Bloom, who is representing Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, said “We feel this was a win. We feel these conditions should have been ordered all along. We ask that Lindsay not be ordered to jail but to residential rehabilitation.”
Although Michael made it clear he wanted to address the court, he did not.  Lindsay’s mother Dina did not attend Thursday’s hearing.


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