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Cameron Diaz ‘Drop Kicks’ Tom Cruise During Stunt Rehearsal

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz get silly in this promotional video for their upcoming action flick “Knight and Day.”
Set up as “leaked” behind-the-scenes video from the movie’s set, the footage captures Cameron Diaz practicing an upcoming stunt with a stuntman and her costar Cruise. Diaz improbably chomps down on lunch while practicing a high kick with the stuntman, and then Cruise steps in to show her how it’s done.

“You’re afraid you’re gonna hurt me?” Cruise jokes, encouraging Diaz to kick higher and “extend.” “I can’t hurt you,” a jeans-clad Diaz replies as she munches away on a snack.
Cruise then gets distracted by someone yelling to him off-camera and puts down his protective stunt gear while Diaz is still kicking. You’ll have to watch the video to see what happens next, but it’s a not-too-shabby bit of stunt work on its own, and clearly the studio hopes it will go viral and draw attention to the movie. And it just might work — as long as nobody’s trying to pass it off as an actual mishap:

Cruise and Diaz’s next stunt will be to appear as presenters at the MTV Movie Awards. Their action-comedy “Knight and Day” is being positioned as a possible return-to-form for Cruise as an action-movie superstar (his last major shoot-’em-up role was in 2006’s “Mission Impossible III“).

It opens in theaters on June 25.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Knight and Day’


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