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EXCLUSIVE: Secret Contract Reveals Kendra Wilkinson Made More Than One Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson made more than one sex tape, according to documents obtained exclusively .
The bombshell news that Kendra secretly planned to shop her own sex tape, and now we’ve discovered that there was more than one tape made by the reality TV star.
Furthermore, we’ve discovered that she consulted a top Los Angele law firm and set up a company to sell the tape, a company called Home Run Productions LLC.
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Documents from 2008, obtained exclusively, to map out a secret agreement between Wilkinson and her team about shopping the intimate footage. And the documents referenced the explicit video material in plural terms, confirming that more than one tape was created. Multiple references in the document refer to “the Tapes.”
The lawyer who worked with Kendra on the project and setting up the company that was formed to sell the sex tapes. The lawyer did not want to comment about the project.
But GOSSIP confirmed that Kendra’s agreement was to acquire and license video rights to material featuring Kendra in intimate situations.
As GOSSIP previously reported, the plan drafted in November 2008 (which was well into her relationship with Hank Baskett and after their engagement was publicly announced) included the creation of a company which Wilkinson would own and control and under which her team would solicit offers.
Kendra Wilkinson Will Address Her Sex Tape On Show lol

In other documents discussing the plan, the company to be set up for Wilkinson regarding the sale of the sex tape would be called “Home Run Productions LLC.” unearthed new information proving that Wilkinson and her team did move forward with creating the company discussed. We discovered that Home Run Productions LLC was created in November, 2008, under Wilkinson’s name.
The plan was to secretly sell the tape under that company’s name. And this all occurred as Kendra was finishing her final season of Girls Next Door but getting ready for her own reality TV show.
The address listed for Kendra’s Home Run Productions is 10236 Charing Cross Road- which is the famous location of the Playboy Mansion. The purpose for the business was listed as “entertainment production.”
Kendra is fighting the release of the sex tape now but has not admitted that she secretly tried to shop it less than two years ago. And now that the discovered the company she set up for the purpose of shopping the tape, Kendra will not be able to claim that she was unaware the tape was ever on the market.
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GOSSIP learned that Kendra wanted the tape shopped secretly.


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