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FIRST PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Moves In To Her Own Home

The final step of any break-up is moving out. It’s apparent Charlie Sheen’s wife is literally moving on!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Moves Into New Home

Brooke Mueller has moved out of the Beverly Hills mansion she shared with Charlie Sheen and is now making her new home in trendy Los Feliz with her twin sons, Bob and Max.

Charlie Sheen Relaxes In Malibu While Wife Moves Out

A bittersweet day of starting a new chapter in her life but also leaving behind (for good?) a marriage rocked by controversy. Brooke is paying $16,000 a month for the Spanish-style home, sources told GOSSIP.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lawyer: Brooke Mueller Furious, But Doesn’t Want Charlie Sheen To Go To Prison

But that shouldn’t be a problem – because her pre-nup pays her $55,000 a month in child support. In addition, a one time accumulated payment of $3,566,000 will also be paid to Mueller should the couple divorce.

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Just Wants to Get Her Own Life

The moving day photos reveal some interesting things. First; a photo shows Brooke on her cell phone, while her hand is down her pants. Her belongings are clearly strewn all over the front of her house.

PHOTO: Charlie Sheen Through The Years

When the photographer got a close-up of one of the boxes, it’s clear she didn’t want to leave behind a sex toy: Fantasy Door Swing.

Meanwhile, Sheen is living in the couple’s former home alone. Sources say the final straw for Brooke was his relationship with lingerie model Angelina Tracy.

Tracy insists she is not the reason the Sheen marriage has collapsed and says she and Charlie are “just friends.”



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