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Subdued Tom Cruise Returns To Oprah – 5 Years After “Jumping The Couch”

It’s hard to believe –but it’s been five whole years since Tom Cruise “jumped the couch” on the Oprah Winfrey Show as he bounced around the set expressing his love for his new girlfriend Katie Holmes.
Flash forward to today when Cruise came back to Oprah’s Chicago studio for the first time since his now infamous appearance, and GOSSIP has details of Tom’s return.

PHOTO: Tom Cruise Performs Own Stunts For New Movie

His live appearance on Oprah’s show Friday morning was decidedly more subdued.  He casually walked onto the set, looking very laid back and controlled, and when asked about his wife he simply said, “Things are going good…  I love my wife.”  There was no jumping up-and-down, no falling to his knees.  It was probably no coincidence that there was no couch on the set.  Just 2 chairs.

PHOTO:  Tom, Katie & Suri In Spain

It seemed Cruise wanted to show the world his relationship with Katie Holmes, who is 17 years his junior, is a mature, adult relationship.  Every time Oprah asked about “Katie”, Tom seemed to make a point of referring to his wife as “Kate”, seeming to want to drive the point that theirs is an equal relationship.
Most of the conversation of Tom’s personal life was geared towards his children.

PHOTOS: Suri Has A Meltdown

His son Connor (adopted son with Nicole Kidman) is now 15.  Oprah asked Tom what he’s told Connor about women.  He said, “I just listen.  There’s plenty of time for that.”  Implying they haven’t had that talk yet.  Tom said Connor now has the acting bug.  He’s just made his second film.  He’s starring in Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 war film.
Oprah asked what does the family do on a typical Saturday night.  Tom’s reply,  “We play scrabble and watch  movies.  We spend all week deciding what movies we’re gonna watch.”

PHOTO: Katie Holmes At Dance Studio

He kept driving home the image of ‘Tom Cruise: family man’  “I made a commitment at long time ago that family comes first.  When I make a commitment I stick to it.”  (this is not an exact quote)
Oprah asked, “How would you rate yourself as a parent?”  Tom replied “A+.”

PHOTO: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes At Laker Game

The rest of the show was focused on Tom’s new movie, Knight and Day, which opens June 25.  Most of the discussion was about Tom doing all his own stunts.  Half-way through the show, his co-star, Cameron Diaz joined them on the set, and Tom and Cameron gushed all over each other talking about how much they love working together and how much fun they have on the set.
Cameron told Oprah she’s living her dream and when Oprah asked if she’d ever settle down, Cameron avoided answering the question by saying, “I don’t know what that means”.


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