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Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Prison, But Could Go Free In Just Weeks

Casey Anthony — America’s most notorious mom – has been sentenced to the maximum of four years in prison and fined $4,000 following her conviction on four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police – but despite that sentence, she could walk free in only a matter of weeks.
In pronouncing sentence, Orange County, Florida Judge Belvin Perry said Casey would get credit for time already served and also for good behavior, but that he would need an hour or so to determine how much time that would be.
Because Casey served more than two years behind bars, she could get out of prison in late July or early August.
Casey, 25, showed no emotion during sentencing and as the judge told her she had the right to appeal it. Her defense attorney Jose Baez said he would like to reserve the right to make a decision over whether to appeal at a later date.
Casey’s demeanor during sentencing was a stark difference with how she entered the courtroom at 8:53am ET. prior to the start of the hearing.
Casey entered the courtroom looking more casual than usual with her long hair down and wearing a light blue top with V-neckline. She was seen smiling in court and looking visibly upbeat. At times, she played with her hair or held her hand up to her mouth.
Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, were also in the courtroom for the sentencing. They slipped in the back of the courtroom around 8:50 am ET. and did not talk to reporters prior to the hearing.
Prior to Judge Perry pronouncing the sentence, the defense team filed what’s called a “double jeopardy” motion, asking the judge to sentence Casey for only one count of lying to police because the defense maintained all the lies came during the course of the same day on July 16, 2008.
The prosecution countered that Casey’s lies came during different times during the course of 12-hours on July 16 and were “intended to mislead law enforcement … which resulted in a wild goose case.“
Judge Perry asked the state if it had to take different actions because of each lie, one of which that she worked at Universal Studios. As he took the motion under advisement, he then asked if Casey wanted to address the court, and the defense replied: “No, your honor.”
Judge Perry said the University Studios lie caused police to waste resources and go there to determine that she did not in fact work there. The judge also said Casey had lied about leaving Caylee at a babysitter’s home by the name of “Zanny” which again waste the time of police. He then went thru the other lies she told, including that she spoke by phone with Caylee in mid-July, which again, cost authorities resources.
The judge then reiterated that all of the lies and the fact that the search for Caylee lasted several months cost authorities a great deal of time and money.
The judge called them “four distinct separate lies.”
The judge then sentenced her to one year in the Orange County jail and imposed a $1,000 fine on each count. All four counts will run consecutively and the judge said she will get credit for time served. The judge said it would take about an hour to determine how much credit she will get. The judge said Casey would go back to jail.
The judge also said he would retain jurisdiction over the case for sixty days to determine the cost of prosecution – meaning Casey may have to pay authorities back for the investigation and the search for Caylee.
Outside the courthouse, dozens of people demonstrated and held up signs in protest of Casey’s acquittal of first degree murder.
One angry protestor said: “I blame the jury for Casey being set free. She’s guilty of neglect. She’s guilty of child abuse.”
Afte the sentence was announced the protestors grew angrier when thye realized Casey could go free in a matter of weeks.
While Anthony, 25, was found guilty Tuesday of the four misdemeanor counts of lying to a police officer, she was acquitted of the more serious charges of first degree murder, manslaughter, and child abuse.


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  1. admin

    July 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    The best thing that could happen now is that the defense will seek to have any profits made from these stories be used to repay the millions it cost to search for her daughter.

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