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Has Emma Watson Been Partying TOO Hard??

We hope this isn’t true! We absolutely LOVE Emma, and we’d hate to think that she’s going through a tough time.
Earlier this month, we heard that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffehad been struggling with a drinking problem, and now we’re hearing that Emma Watson might be struggling with the same issue.
Here’s what a source at the after-party for the last Harry Potter movie had to say about Emma’s behavior at the event:
“Emma was out of control…she was dancing rowdily one minute and then sobbing on a crew member’s shoulder the next. She was a REAL MESS.”
“The end of Harry Potter is having an effect on her.”
“Everyone’s nervous she’s having a meltdown.”
We know she got a little uncomfortable when talking about drinking on Letterman earlier this month, but we didn’t think it had come to this!

If this IS true, we hope she’ll pursue help ASAP. She’s so wonderful and talented. We’d hate to see her go down a self-destructive path.
Do U think Emma Watson is struggling with a drinking issue?


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