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Jokey, Ashton Kutcher-y New ‘Two and a Half Men’ Ad

CBS has released the public’s first glimpse of the re-tooled (Ha! That never gets old) version of “Two and a Half Men,” which now stars Ashton Kutcher instead of Charlie Sheen. “All will be revealed 9/19/11, ” it jokes/promises, and Jon Cryer’s character doesn’t seem too happy about what’s going to be revealed:

Apparently, the plan is to use the sign these men (and half-man) are holding as a template for future messages, something bloggers are already having fun with. What can we learn about the new version of the show, in which Kutcher’s character is rumored to buy Charlie Harper’s house after Charlie’s death? Pretty much only that the show will continue to be sexually suggestive in a way that’s creepy and gross to TV critics and delightfully hilarious to Americans with Nielsen boxes.

Compare the new ad to the one that’s probably the show’s most iconic and representative poster:

It’s enough to make even the biggest “Two and a Half Men” hater long for the old days when at least these men (and half-man) kept their clothes on.


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