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TV Producer Offers Casey Anthony $1M For First Interview

A TV producer has offered notorious ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony $1 million for the very first television interview with her upon her release from jail this weekend – and now, only can show the actual check to you.

California-based producer Al Taylor — who has done freelance work for several TV programs including The Jerry Springer Show — says the offer is officially on the table to Anthony’s legal team.

The Jerry Springer Show had offered Anthony $1 million to appear on his often controversial talk show, but after a wave of public outcry, Springer denied any such offer was made.

But Taylor came forward and he made the offer on behalf of The Jerry Springer show after getting the okay from one of their senior people. Now, in a private email obtained. Taylor makes the offer again to Anthony’s legal team – only this time, he says he’s set up his own production company because he fears no such backlash.

In the email to Anthony’s legal team, Taylor writes:

This is Al Taylor. I spoke with you last Friday about the million dollar offer from The Jerry Springer Show that I made to (Anthony attorney) Jose Baez. As I explained at the time, I am a freelance producer for the Jerry Springer Show and other talk shows including The Steve Wilkos Show….

It was through me that the Springer show made the verbal offer to Jose of a Million dollars for an interview with your client Casey Anthony…

It is now apparent that my freelance clients are afraid to follow through with the offers because of the public backlash and threat of boycotts. Because of that, I have now formed my own independent TV production company named Private Elevator Productions and we are officially making Jose’s law firm an offer on one million dollars for the first interview with your client Casey Anthony.

Because we are independent, we fear no media backlash and as such this offer, unlike the others will not be withdrawn. We would like to meet as soon as possible to present you with a million dollar check made out to your client Casey Marie Anthony, so we can sign a contract and conduct the interview as soon as your client exits jail.

Please respond to me as quickly as possible so we can’t get this done ASAP.


Al Taylor


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