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16-Year-Old SL*T / I mean Bride Courtney Stodden’s Mom Is Her Manager

16-year old bride Courtney Stodden‘s career is taking off since the news of her shocking wedding to her 51-year-old boyfriend Doug Hutchison became public, and that she’s hired her own mother to manager her Hollywood dreams.
“I am her mom-ager now,” Krista Stodden told She has moved to L.A. to live near her daughter (next door in fact!) and juggle all of the offers that are pouring in from around the industry.

“Doug was managing Courtney’s career, but he has so many things coming his way that he just can’t handle it all,” she said. “It will be better for Courtney with me managing her.”

A singer and perhaps future reality star, her bombshell daughter has worked with her mother for years Krista said. “I used to produce her TV show, and she respects me and I respect her.”
Krista said she looks up to other mothers in Hollywood who manage their kids and she is confident that she will make the right business decisions for her daughter.

“Dina Lohan, she’s a beautiful lady, and I’m sure she loves her daughter, and she’s tried just as much as any other mother to make the right choices for her kids,” she said about the controversial matriarch of the Lohan family and often party pal of her daughter Lindsay.
The top mom on the block though?  Kris Jenner who manages the Kardashian kids’ multiple careers.  “Kris Jenner is a real business person who has her family’s best interests at heart.”

But when it comes down to it, there is really only one reason why Krista is working for her youngest child.  “I love my daughter, and I’ve been a good parent.”


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