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Beyonce With Her New Fragrance “Pulse”

Beyonce’ has full intentions of creating a legacy no one will ever forget and expanding her brand to its highest level. Women all over can now feel the power of Beyonce with her latest fragrance “Pulse”, the follow up to her successful fragrances Heat and Heat Rush.
In Queen B’s her words :

Pulse is a fragrance you can wear all the time. I love the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion.

I didn’t. The success of Heat was amazing, but why not represent a different side of a woman? Pulse represents the woman I am on stage. When I think about excitement, it makes me think about my heart racing and a pulsating beat­—it’s my stage persona. Heat represents my sensual side, it’s very spicy and Southern. Heat Rush is more about the woman I am on my off time, when I’m on vacation.


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