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‘Born to Dance’: Gibson searches for next superstar! Premieres Tonight at 10/9pm

Laurieann Gibson, a former member of the revered Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and now a top hip-hop choreographer, has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a very special dancer. Hundreds of passionate female dancers from coast to coast will answer the call, but there can only be one!
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An Emmy Award-nominated choreographer and creative director to the stars, Gibson shares her expertise with many hopefuls chasing their dreams in “Born to Dance: Laurieann Gibson,” premiering at 10:00 p.m., Tonight on BET. Over eight weeks, Gibson unleashes her hottest

choreography and signature tough love to give these 20 aspiring young dancers the tools they need to take their careers to the next level and battle it out for the number one spot — as well as the ultimate prize of $50,000. From week to week, the contestants dance their way through a variety of creative challenges, including a music video competition, a commercial and ultimately the chance to perform live with Lady Gaga in front of a packed arena in The Monster Ball Tour.

Of course the dancers are all required to live on top of each other in a loft with bunk beds, in order to ensure the maximum amount of drama and conflict (catfights). Early on, a contestant named Kristina (aka K.C.) expresses concern, saying, “All the girls are really great. Everybody right now seems really excited and really focused, and my hope is that it remains there because it’s 20 girls in the house, all competing for something that they all want.” Dream on, K.C…
Aided by Richard Jackson and Bethany Strong, her two assistant choreographers, Gibson begins the elimination process by judging each dancer on showmanship and her ability to learn different dance styles in a short period of time. She begins with ballet and continues on to hip-hop, and soon “ringers” and rejects begin to emerge. Jahleeka (aka “Jelly”) is a single working mother who is concerned about being “the thickest one in the house,” while the hair-flipping, free-stylin’ Shannon covers her insecurities by being a defiant know-it-all, even going as far as to get lippy with Gibson in front of everyone during a challenge. Hmmm. Wonder how long she’ll last?
“It’s a survival story of youth and how much they need real art,” Gibson says. “There’s real hope and inspiration there. We’ve very conscious about not saying, ‘You’re fired.’ There’s so much rejection in the dance world. My show isn’t about winning a trophy and then being let go. We’re trying to find one girl who can be a part of my team.”
Gibson has worked with A-list performers from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Alicia Keys, and most recently directed HBO’s “Lady Gaga Presents Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden,” for which she was nominated for an Emmy.


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