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Cheaters Diaries: Shaq Diesel Was Sending Freaky Messages To This Swedish Model About “Skeet Shooting”


The fallout continues for Shaq… Just a day after Shaq’s nasty convo with a journalist jawnthrew D-Wade under the bus, we have yet another freaky set of convos, this time between him and his lil Swedish model becky. And it sounds like they were doing some nasty stuff!!!
The Miami New-Times have obtained the following messages:
According to emails and texts sealed in court, but which we were able to obtain anyway: On February 1, 2009, Shaquille O’Neal– who was still married– received a message from model and long-rumored goomah Dominica Westling. Behold, a transcript of a conversation between “DIESELDOGMAFIA” and “swedishdoll”:

Westling: I feel bad we lost contact. Hope you are well. I live in LA now so hit me up if you ever come out there
Shaq: O my god were r u can i have u bak i miss u to whts yur number pls baby i want u bak do u love me
Dominica: Yes I wanna see you, you know I can never forget about you. My number is [redacted by us]
[23 days later, Dominica sends Shaq an email with only the subject line “Muuaaahhh” and a photo which, judging by his reaction, wasn’t of a tray of freshly-baked cookies.]
Shaq: Where can I c** [word for skeet] at when I c u
Dominica: All over me, where do you wanna c**[word for skeet]?
Shaq: In u foreva
Dominica: I miss that
We weren’t able to reach Westling, who’s no longer using the email addresses, and whose phone does not allow voicemail.
We sent these emails to Shaq’s Miami attorney Benjamine Reid for comment early last night, and haven’t heard back.

Damn son… this chick just loved being the Diesel’s personal nut bucket!
This dude did Shaunie super dirty…SMH


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