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Chris Brown Had Racked Up $15,000 In Parking Tickets!

Chris Brown had more than $15k in parking tickets at his West Hollywood condominium building, his attorney, Mark Geragos revealed in court today for a progress report in connection with the battery case involving Rihanna. Brown wasn’t in court for the appearance.

Geragos told the judge that Brown had gotten numerous parking tickets for parking in handicapped parking places, that Brown says were his.

Geragos submitted paperwork to prove that parking spots were indeed Brown’s, and that the developer of the building had mistakingly marked his spaces as handicapped. The parking tickets were handed over to the City Attorney’s Office, but no action will be taken, and the tickets have all been paid. 

Brown is now awaiting a refund for the paid tickets.
Brown has completed his domestic violence classes, and will soon complete his community service.

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