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Danity Kane: Looking Back, Music and Videos. ENJOY :)

I personally Think with the right management Danity Kane would be around now and Blowing Up SPEAKERS!!

They all have great/amazing voices, but personally the Favs by Fans were Aubrey and Aundrea, specialy Aundrea she made this song!

Danity Kane Produce Music Videos As A Group:
1. Bad Girl featuring Missy Elliot
2. Damaged, Which is a ALL-TIME favorite
3. Ride For You, Fan Favorite
4. Show Stopper
5. Stay With Me
6. Sleep On It.
7.  Heart-Breaker
8. Secret Place
9. Is Anybody Listening
10. Want It
11. Speakers Up 
And More.

Danity Kane: Welcome to the Dollhouse Track List

1. “Bad Girl” (featuring Missy Elliott)Danity Kane Album: Welcome to the Dollhouse
2. “Damaged”
3. “Pretty Boy”
4. “Striptease”
5. “Sucka 4 Love”
6. “Key to My Heart”
7. “Interlude”
8. “Ecstasy”
9. “2 of You”
10. “Lights Out”
11. “Picture This”
12. “Poetry”
13. “Is Anybody Listening”
14. “Make Me Sick”
15. “Ain’t Going” (featuring Day26 & Donnie – Hidden Track)
If the songs on Danity Kane’s album are anywhere near as good as they’ve been on Making the Band 4, the Welcome to the Dollhouse track list will be tough to beat! Danity Kane – Damaged

Its Really Sad That They Left Without Saying Good-Bye 🙁


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