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Ex-GirlFriend Recalls Sexual Encounter With Nelly!

Rapper Nelly is a real good lover according to an anonymous groupie who claims she has been hooking up with him for over 6 years. Even though Nelly has been dating Ashanti, this groupie insists that she is the baddest chick around! 

“THE SEX WAS MAJOR!!!!!!” says the groupie. She goes into detail saying that his package “isn’t the biggest” LOL but “he is the freak of the week. He loves to talk. Loves to get head. Loves to have sex, period. Like for hours. He will pass out inside you. Wake up 2 hours later and commence to f*cking. 

I swear. It was my first celeb experience and it was amazing. We have been dealing with each other for 6 years now. Whenever he’s out here, I’m with him. He was a greedy lover at first, but if he gets into you and trust you, he’ll go all out.”


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