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Girls Catch Fade Over Trey Songz At Nightclub

SMH. He said he needed A GIRL not two. A real brawl broke out outside club Juliet thanks to some jealous broads… And Trey Songz was right in the middle of it all.
Trey tweets about fight
Twitter was all a twitter this morning over the fight, which reportedly started after Trey Songz and a young lady who’d been at his side all night were approached by one of his “sideline” chicks. Apparently whatever the sideline had to say wasn’t well received by the “main chick” and drama — in the form of the “main chick” getting knocked the f*ck out — ensued.
Millz retweets and cosigns
The only reference Trey has made about the fight was “That sh*t cray” which was retweeted by a young lady who was at the club before and after the fight.
I guess he loved it! I doing it like the Bad Girls CLub “Im Creole , Im Creole” I got the VOODOO FOR YOU B*TCHES LOL


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