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Jennifer Hudson Has Intense Twitter Rival!!

My Girl Jennifer Hudson is a thug “I LOVE THAT”! She was engaged in a pretty intense Twitter Beef with one of her followers/haters. According to, @1984Lips4Daze asked J. Hud a question on the social network and Jennifer responded with “lol u funny! Thank you for your hate n clearly the gym ain’t working for u cuz u look a mess.” That’s when all hell broke loose and @1984Lips4Daze pulled a Nas “Ether” move. She began to attack Jennifer’s husband claiming he was gay, called Jennifer “malnutritioned” and said she had stretch marks on the cover of Essence Magazine! Jennifer responded with “watch what u say cuz i might have to buy a plane/flight n show u 
some of my southside”

ALso Jennifer Hudson is a SIZE ZERO NOW!!! 


Jennifer Hudson is a SIZE ZERO


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