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Kim Kardashian Claims She Is Nervous Enough To ‘Faint’ As Walks Down The Aisle

 Kim Kardashian’s wedding comes upon us this weekend.  Kim Kardashian, who lives most of her waking hours in front of cameras, is expecting us to believe that she is so nervous about her wedding and getting married that she might just faint as she walks down the Aisle,

Kim’s real father, lawyer Robert Kardashian, passed away in 2003 and so she is getting her mother’s husband, Bruce Jenner to walk her down the aisle at the ceremony.
“I was so nervous to walk down the aisle by myself,” said Kim. “For some reason I wasn’t thinking, like, ‘Oh, Bruce will be there right with me,’ so I was thinking, ‘I’m gonna fall, I’m gonna faint, oh my God, my train!’”
The 30-year-old airhead, whose dress will be designed by her ‘close friend,’ Vera Wang, has been seeking advice from another fake, Tyra Banks, about the gown prior to her big day.
“I gave [Kim] the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn’t used to seeing her in. So we’ll see,” Tyra said.  Despite her supposed nerves, Kim recently explained the wedding planning processhas been “more” than she could have hoped for.  “I mean it’s been so like everything that I have dreamed of and more. I had no idea how much work really goes into wedding planning and I really do have this new found respect for Sharon Sacks, my wedding planner!” she said.


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