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Kim Kardashian Said NO To Her Mother Kris Jenner’s Wedding Invite List!!

Kim Kardashian who is set to marry fiancé Kris Humphries in a week has admitted that she turned down some of her mother Kris Jenner’s suggestions on who to invite to the wedding.  Kim’s big day is August 30th, 2011 and she has been letting mommy dearest help her plan the details.

Kris never to miss an opportunity to get more publicity wanted to invite 500 people to the event.    Included in the 500 people were people that Kim did not even know.  Kim said: “I’ll look at the list and I’ll be like, ‘Why is this person onthe list? Why is this person? I don’t know this person. This is your friend’. This is my wedding. I gotta approve the list!”

You knew that when Mama Jenner ran out and got another face lift when her daughter announced that she was getting married that Kris would try to hijack the affair.  Already a stage mother to a ridiculous degree it seems that Kris wants center stage for herself now that her daughters are so well known.  Of course Kim is the product of her Mom and so she will never relinquish the spotlight.  What does she want with Mom’s choice of guests when she assumes that her wedding is at least as important as that of Kate Middleton and Prince William.  In fact Kim probably thinks that she should invite most of the Royal family and that they would be honored to attend.


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