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LOL Shaquille O’Neal’s Girlfriend Can’t Measure Up!!!

Shaquille O’Neal is used to being head and shoulders above the rest but the latest picture of him and his pint-sized girlfriend take the saying to a new level – quite literally.
The 7′ 1″ , 300+ lbs. recently-retired probasketball player towers over reality TV starNicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander, who measures a tiny 5′ 2″ and weighs in at barely 100 lbs.

But despite the undeniable height difference the pair were all smiles as they posed for a photo before taking in The Rise of the Planet of the Apes at a Los Angeles movie theater.
O’Neal and Alexander – who was a winner on the reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money –  have been dating for almost a year.

Shaq’s ex-wife Shauna created the controversial reality show, Basketball Wives.


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