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Mila Kunis On Weight Loss – And say Anyone Can Do It

Well, most people struggle to keep down their weight and stay in shape as they juggle childcare, mounting debts & full time jobs.
But, Mila Kunis, who gets paid the big bucks to strip down to her skivvies on the big screen, recently revealed that losing weight is easier than people

After dropping 20 lbs for her role in Black Swan, the 27-year-actress maintains that all it takes to change your body is a desire “to want to do it.”
“I don’t think I ever fully realized what a human body is capable of doing,” Kunis tells Glamour UK in their September issue about her dramatic weight

“I believed I could do anything.  I never for one moment thought that I couldn’t do it.  I believe in hard work.  In self-drive and self-worth.”
To people who say they “can’t lose weight” the Black Swan babe protests: “No no no, you can. Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it.”

That might be easy for Kunis to say, considering she works with Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers!
Shape Magazine recently interviewed Brian Abercrombie, who trained Mila 3-5 days per week and put her on a low-carb diet to shape-up for her role in Friends with Benefits.


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