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Real Housewives Husband Russell Armstrong’s Violent Past Revealed

Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has alleged that Russell Armstrong, her estranged husband, has been physically abusive toward her. It’s a pretty scathing accusation to make, but it seems that there is more than enough evidence to back it up, including some very violent activity in his past.

First of all, Taylor isn’t the first woman to get a restraining order put in place against Russell. She’s actually the THIRD! Two separate restraining orders have been filed against by him before – one by his ex-wife, and one by an ex-girlfriend. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Russell actually has a criminal record, since he was arrested for attacking his first wife, Barbara.
In 1997, Barbara called the police on Russell because according to her testimony in court documents:
“Russell threw me to the ground and slapped me across the face….the police were called to Russell’s and my residence during our marriage because Russell hit me, blackened my eyes, kicked me in the back, threw crystal drinking glasses at me, and spit on me.”
Upon his arrest, Russell pleaded guilt to battery and was ordered to attend anger management classes. However, things got worse even after their divorce as Barbara moved to Arizona and would send their son, Aiden, to see Russell every other weekend. One such weekend, she received a phone call from Russell’s then girlfriend saying that Russ was hitting Aiden “hard” across the face. She later revealed that he also hit and attacked her on more than one occasion.
And you wonder why Taylor is running for the hills? Can’t believe she married him to begin with! True, people can change, but it doesn’t sound like he ever did.


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