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Smallville Actor Sam Jones On Arrest: ‘I Was Never A Drug Dealer’

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Sam Jones III was arrested in 2009 by Drug Enforcement Administration agents on drug trafficking charges, and nearly two years later, the Smallville actor is speaking out for the first time.

In 2010, Jones was sentenced to 366 days in federal prison for conspiracy to illegally purchase and distribute more than 10,000 oxycodone pills and was labeled as the ‘Hollywood Connection.”
“The fact is, I never was a drug dealer,” Jones told in an exclusive interview. “I still can’t believe that people actually bought into me being some sort of Scarface or something.

“It was difficult staying quiet as the negative reports came out. What hurt the most was that it seemed as if people actually believed what they read.”
According to Jones, it was his close childhood friend who was the drug dealer and was in debt with a drug cartel so deep, that the 28-year-old actor gave him $35,000 to try and help.
“Whatever sentence the judge was going to give me, I was spiritually prepared for because I wanted to take responsibility for my actions. It didn’t matter that I was trying to help my oldest friend that I had known since the 9th grade,” Jones said.

“I thought his life was in danger, but I should not have loaned him the money. My intuition told me something was wrong and I should have listened. That was my biggest mistake.”
After playing Clark Kent’s buddy Pete Ross on Smallville, Jones had roles in ER and Blue Mountain State before his life was changed by the drug arrest, but he has hopes of diving back into the industry after he’s served his time in prison.
“Since the reports have came out I have been getting loads of support from the entire entertainment industry. I’ve had a lot more scripts sent my way,” Jones said.
“The last few years have been a very trying, emotional roller coaster, so I know whatever role I choose next will have to be something I can genuinely sink my teeth into. Maybe a role that I can release all this raw emotion that I now have built up inside me.”When I was arrested I felt as if I let all my fans down, but now I realize that I can use my story as a testimony.”
In the meantime, Jones continues to live in a state of limbo, as he is still awaiting a date to surrender to start his prison sentence.


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