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‘Teen Bride’ Courtney Stodden Turns 17!

The 16-year-old blonde bombshell who married her 51-year-old actor boyfriend Doug Hutchison turns 17 Monday, and the newlywed braggs about her big day.

“I’m so happy! This is the best birthday ever,” Courtney gushed about her big day. “17 is going to be even better than 16 because I’m going to spend the whole year with my wonderful husband!”

Courtney’s big plans to spend the day at Disneyland are on hold until the heat wave gripping Southern California subsides, but she said after a shopping trip she and her hubby might hit a local lake to cool off in the water.
“There’s never a dull day with Courtney around,” Doug told reporters. 

He surprised his 17-year-old wife with her first birthday gifts from Victoria’s Secret, her favorite store.

Courtney’s mom Krista Stodden told that she was happy to be celebrating the big day as her little girl hits a big birthday milestone.
“I’m very proud to be Courtney’s mom and Doug Hutchinson’s mother-in-law.”

Happy birthday Courtney Stodden!


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