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Terrell Owens Get Cursed Out By A Fan Read more: Terrell Owens Get Cursed Out By A Fan

Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity out & about and worked up enough courage to approach them for pictures or autographs then they shoot you down? Well, it was a nice summer day in Miami until Terrell Owens declined to take a picture with a fan, because he was a male and he decided to go “HAM.” Terrell told the fan, ‘I’m taking pictures with the ladies’ and the guy began calling Terrell everything in the book including the N word as well as implied that T.O was a part of the illuminati.

He’s a dumb ass n*gga! I tried to be nice

Watch the video below:

The way I see it, the girl’s boyfriend caused an unnecessary uproar. Celebs aren’t obligated to take pictures, say ‘Hi’ to your mama on the phone and tweet you when they are on their own personal time.


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