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Video: Jersey Shore: Some Score, Some Don’t!!

Jersey Shore‘s fourth season continued Thursday, and the cast was rather hot and bothered as they got more comfortable in Florence, Italy.
While they got new jobs at a pizzeria and learned the art of grocery shipping in a foreign country, the theme of the episode was love — or a sleazy resemblance of such.
Among the new developments:
Deena continued her aggressive pursuit ofPauly D, sending him not-so-subtle clues by slinking into his bed in her underwear, though the flashy record-spinner was having none of it, pretending to sleep so as not to cause drama in the house if she falls for him.

Someone who’s seemingly never passed up a roll in the hay — The Situation — got plenty of amore as usual: He hooked up with a sexy blond tourist from Florida named Britney, while continuing to court Snooki (who despite having a boyfriend, was upset The Sitch brought the girl home).
“You’re not just someone I can take home,” The Sitch sweet talked Snooki. “I care for you more than a friend … like, I’ve grown to love your personality.”

Still, Snooki held true to her relationship and didn’t submit to his advances (or should we say ab-vances?).
And despite all of their vicious — sometimes violent — season three exchanges, Sammi showed she still holds a torch for Ronnie, snuggling up to her juiced-up ex and telling him she still loves him.
Ronnie’s response to her undying love: “F**k me with a spiked bat,” he said in an off-camera interview.
Jersey Shore airs on MTV Thursdays at 10/9c.


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