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Video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Covers Nirvana hes AMAZING!

Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the stage on Tuesday night and gave fans a treat with an impromptu cover of Nirvana’s hitLithium.
“You know it seems like every time people bring up Nirvana, people want to talk about how Mr. Cobain killed himself,” Joseph said to the screaming crowd.

“I gotta say, it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter that he’s dead, it doesn’t matter how he died, his songs are f***ing awesome, that’s what matters!”
The 30-year-old actor and sometimes singer was performing at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington as part of a HitRECord event down below you can see him singing Nirvana.

Joseph was hit with a family tragedy last October when his 36-year-old brother, Dan “Burning Dan” Gordon-Levitt, was found dead in his Hollywood apartment.

Since then, Joseph has rebounded by filming the movie 50/50 with Seth RogenLooper with Emily Blunt and is currently filming The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale.


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