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50 Cent’s Super Serious Dramatic Acting Debut Is Getting Closer

Its getting hot in hur or is it 50 Cent‘s acting career (in 2012)??
It feels like it’s been 1000 years since we saw pics of skinny Fiddy filming All Things Fall Apart (aka that movie 50 Cent lost 80lbs for). Despite all the early buzz the film never got a theatre release date and was only shown around festivals in early 2011.

We’ve got the first scoop on the movie since we saw the unofficial trailer for the movie in March!!
Image Entertainment has bought the rights to All Things Fall Apart and is planning “for an early 2012 theatrical opening.”
Ugh. Finally!
We’re not sure what’s taken so long. Perhaps film isn’t exactly as good at rapper actor was hoping it would be. Oh, but how could anyone possibly screw up up the “story of a Heisman-bound college football star whose career hits a wall when he is diagnosed with a tumor only inches from his heart??” LOLz
Why do U think it’s taking forever to see dramatic actor Curtis Jackson in theatres?


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