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Amber to write a Tell All Book about Life, Sex and Betrayal??!!

We’re still waiting for the unveiling of her sunglasses line, new film and reality show but Amber Rose is making big plans for her latest career path… as an AUTHOR!
The bald-headed beauty took to her blog to tell fans what she’s up to now:
September 23, 2011
I have decided that I will write books. Something u may not know about me is that I’ve been writing stories for a long time it was always something personal for me but now I’m ready to share my stories with the world. My books are about being in Love, Heartbreak, Sex, betrayal and all of the things that I’ve been thru in my life. Stories that will make u feel many emotions based on true events of my past and present. I hope u are as excited to read my books as I am to write them for u -Amb
We’d love to get excited about this but it seems like Amber manages to never go into detail about anything controversial in her past — not her lesbian relationships and definitely not her breakup with Yeezy. Do you think the books will be any different?


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