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Balenciaga Shoes Spring 2012 [Photos] [Shoes] [Fashion]

Fashionistas will be the first persons to defend an unconventional, dramatic shoe design, but there has to be an element that’s pretty or flattering. Many of the Balenciaga shoes for Spring 2012 give me pause, because they don’t really fit the season, they aren’t pretty at all, although they are certainlyeye catching, and they border on odd. Balenciagia did offer some note-worthy pumps, but closed toe and with no cut outs, and for a girl living in Dallas, Texas that isn’t practical. There were some designs that were warm weather friendly with open toes and cut outs at the top foot, but they were among the styles with jutting panels at the top back ankle. For someone out there, the Balenciaga shoes for Spring 2012 will be their ‘must haves’ from the season, but they’re just a little over the top for my taste. See More Styles Below!

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