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Beyonce Talks About Her Sensitive Pregnancy Nose & She Hates Jay-Z’s Cologne [Video]

While making the international press round for her new fragrance Pulse, Beyonce did a interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada.”
Beyonce recently revealed some private pregnancy moments in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada.”  She talked about her fragrance Pulse, her pregnancy, and how her heightened sense of smell has her hating Jay-Z’s cologne. 

During the wide ranging interview, she revealed how “hands on” she was with creating the fragrance and how her heightened sense of smell (since her pregnancy) helped her in picking out the right combination of scents for the final product. 
In a very candid moment, she also added that since the pregnancy, her nose is like a radar gun and she no longer likes the cologne that Jay-Z wears….and it used to be her favorite!
Oh! My nose is like [mimics radar] ‘doot, doot, doot’! I smell everything! It enhances it. If it smells bad, I smell it! My husband’s fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now. So, thank God I love this one
And next up for Beyonce, fans can expect a video for the single “Countdown” from the 4 album to hit the air waves soon.  It’s reportedly her next official single.
Watch the video Below:
Watch the rest of the interview here:


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