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Diddy’s Making A Picture Book Featuring Women’s Ass! Here Are Famous Cake Shots He Should Include

Diddy’s got another business venture…this time involving butts!
The coffee table book is more than 200 pages of tasteful photographs of cakes. The book, “Culo By Mazzucco” will be hitting stores on November 22nd. If Diddy could use pictures his photographer didn’t already take, we’d suggest he could use some famous butt pictures.
Here are a few famous butt shots that we’d love to see in Diddy’s special cake/butt book.

Esther Baxter – Though she’s been caught up in drama lately, but let’s not forget how tasty her cakes have always been. This shot would be perfect for the book.

J. Lo – We’re sure Diddy has more than a few pictures of J. Lo’s butt in his personal stash. But if he doesn’t want to relinquish them, he can just turn his attention to this candid of her on her yacht. Can’t go wrong with that.
Angel Lola Luv – This picture is infamously at the back of a King Magazine. Is there a requirement for the cakes to be real? If not then she’s fair game!
And theres alot more! Well good luck on your kinda porn, greedy for greens venture :).


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