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“The Game” Season 5 Sets To Premiere This JANUARY!

BET’s top rated and most watched scripted show in their network’s history, “The Game,” finally has a Season 5 premiere date.  Peep when the Sabers’ new season and how Derwin & Melanie’s pregnancy attempt will be played out inside…

The brand new season of hit show “The Game” will indeed premiere January 2012! 
Many reporters were on scene at Akoo’s New York Fashion Week show last night where we got the confirmation straight from the mouth of Hosea Chanchez (“Malik”).
The new season starts in January…we go back to work next week,” Hosea dished exclusively, during his hosting duties last night at the Akoo (rapper T.I.’s clothing line) fashion show.
Hosea is also the new face of Akoo Clothing, and he revealed his favorite thing about his new gig.
“You know, it’s just good to see us people of color, have a line….to participate in Fashion Week here in New York City. Just the whole thing being put together, Ralph and the whole team, who have been trying to do it for a while and they finally did it.  So I’m just happy to see that.”
Agreed.  And don’t be surprised if you see Hosea’s own designs added to the line.  He told us he WILL make that happen.  Interesting.
Will Melanie and Derwin finally get pregnant?  Will Mel reveal what really happened with that abortion? Will Jason & Kelly rekindle their relationship?  What will Malik do without Jenna?! And will Tasha Mack get back on her feet after getting FIRED by Girl Melanie? 
So are you excited?!?


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