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Happy 40th Birthday, JADA Jada Pinkett Smith!

Jada with her youthful looks and flawless skin, it’s had to imagine that Jada Pinkett Smith is 40 years old. But she is! Come inside the gallery and celebrate Jada setting it off for 40 years!

Jada can go makeup free and natural and still turn heads as she walks the streets.  She’s is the mother of two child prodigies and the wife of the most successful actor of the world, and has still managed to maintain her own identity on television, in film and with music.

She’s had a ear pf ups and downs with the cancellation of her show “Hawthorne” and rumors of a split with Will Smith. But she still has her family, several homes–including this fabulous 25,000 square foot mansion–, and is ignoring the haters.

Happy Birthday Jada!


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