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Jennifer Lopez – “Papi” (New Director’s Cut!)Perez Dissed Puff, M. Anthony, J-lo and More!

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    Oh pleas people (JLo fans) get a grip!!!! This is a parody! Nothing insulting! It awesome but the Coacha has done a better job (the Blonde Ambition)! This doesn’t mean jelousy or shit like that! and I think Jlo probably will laugh, don’t care or don’t watch this! I love u coachita but get rib of Perez! You’re better than him!
  • Stop hatin’! That’s awesome!
  • Sucks ass! honestly Perez after seeing this i hope punches you again then u can go on youtube and make another fake video of you crying like a sick ass punk!
  • AMAZING! I’ll be La Coacha’s puppy!
  • J.LO has more money and class than you’ll ever have-Jerk!
  • @PerezHilton This is such a crappy parody! Perez you are such a 2 face punk! You’re always tweeting Jennifer and telling her how great she is and how great her album Love? is. Cheap shots, especially when using a pic of her twins. I hope she sues your ass! You jealous ass bitch!
    You’re still a Bully!
  • stupid and disgusting video…
  • Coacha!!! como siempre, luciendote en tus videos!! HERMOSAAA!!! viva la Coacha!!!, viva Mexico!!! siiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂


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