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Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan OPEN UP About Their Relationship, Their Kids, And Drama On Basket Ball Wives

They are one of the most controversial couples in the NBA. From rumors of infidelity and domestic violence, to when orwill they get married, everyone has an opinion about Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan.
And now the couple has spoken out in a recent interview about their relationship and the drama on BasketBall Wives…

NBA baller Matt Barnes and fiancee’ Gloria Govan gave a revealing interview to “ESSENCE” recently that dished on how Glo’s involvement on “BBW” impacts Matt’s NBA career, if actual marriage will happen, and what people should know about the “real” Gloria.  Here are the highlights:
ESSENCE.COM:Gloria, what’s your response to the comments you hear about your relationship with Matt and the show?
GLORIA GOVAN: We’re comfortable with where we are in our relationship. We’re really solid and we’re happy. That’s why we canceled our wedding in the first place, because we realized it wasn’t for us — it was for everyone else. It was for friends, family, viewers, everyone. That was probably the best thing we could have done. I think Matt is at a different place in his life right now. He’s 31 and he’s been in the league for ten years, which is a really long time, and he’s more ready. But I’m just, like, still not there yet. The last thing I want to do is put him in a headlock and drag him down the aisle. If the wheel’s not broke… why fix it?
ESSENCE.COM: Gloria, how do you and Matt keep things exciting? Do you have date nights?
GLORIA: We’re super sappy. We’re into the rose petals and candles and balloons. He leaves me notes everywhere — like in my car, my purse, and places I would never think to look in, like my sunglasses case — and then I just find them throughout the day. They’re really brilliant notes. He’s always encouraging and supportive. He’s so cute.
We used to have date night a lot, but now that the boys are older, we stay up later, so it’s hard. We have this really cool balcony that overlooks the water that’s very romantic and chill and we end up there just talking. We catch each other up. We get up and we’re like, wow, it’s 1 o’clock in the morning. We try to chill. We used to go on walks all the time, but with my schedule and his schedule it’s hard. Plus, I’m trying to do “Dancing with the Stars” next season so it’s just going to get even worse. I’m excited. I love to dance… I love to cut rug. It’s fun just to let it loose.
ESSENCE.COM: How do you handle the criticism the show receives?
GLORIA: It’s tough to kind of handle because people are cruel on Twitter. It’s black and white. The people who love you hate you and the people who tweet you are also the people who are driving your success, so it’s hard. You kind of want to slap them and you also want to be like, “Thank you.” I don’t read the blogs. Twitter’s brutal. People on Twitter can be very hateful. People will tweet me something so cruel at like 8 o’clock in the morning. I try not to read it at all. I feel bad because there are some really cool fans and stuff, but you know, by the time I get to reading them I’m already upset and have a bad attitude. I’m always in trouble about that. Sometimes I say I can take it and then I read something and I’m just in a bad mood. People are funny. Occasionally it will get to me.
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