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“Mother of Hip Hop” Sylvia Robinson Dies At 75, Hip Hop Community Reacts!

Sylvia Robinson, a legend in the hip-hop community, died this morning of congestive heart failure at Meadowlands Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey.  She was 75 and deemed the “Mother of Hip Hop.”
The reactions of the hip hop community inside…

Sylvia Robinson made her mark on the hip hop industry in producing the first rap song in history to hit the mainstream airwaves, “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang.
Women making big moves in the game was not as prominent an occurrence at the beginning as it is now.  And being called the “Mother of Hip Hop” was fitting for the legend.
She was a singer (best known for her single “Pillow Talk”), producer, and co-founder of the Sugar Hill Records, along with her husband.  She helped formed the Sugar Hill Gang and produced their most notable single.  She’s also one of the first to use “sampling”, as “Rapper’s Delight” used the breakdown of “Good Times” by Chic.
Sylvia also produced Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five‘s “The Message.”
Branding and hip-hop guru Steve Stoute spoke highly of Sylvia Robinson in his new book The Tanning of America.  And he said to this afternoon about her death: 
“I hope the world remembers Sylvia Robinson as a pioneer and innovator that, because of her contribution to society, a culture was born and a generation was raised.”
The Hip Hop community is pouring out their condolences on Twitter as well. 
QuestloveSylvia Robinson RIP: the woman who funded “Rappers Delight” & “The Message” thank you
Soul TrainRemembering our beloved Sylvia Robinson – the brains behind the Sugar Hill Gang
Holly Robinson Peete#RIP Sylvia Robinson of Sugar Hill Records Rap #entrepreneur #pioneer

Her grandson, Darnell Robinson, previously appearedon MTV’s “Super Sweet 16” and brought Rihanna as his date to his party.  He tweeted: My grandmother is the #9 trending topic in the world. Sylvia Robinson will never be forgotten. Ilove you grandma.
Video of Sylvia performing “Pillow Talk” on “Soul Train” in 1973:

R.I.P You will be missed!


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