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Orange County Housewife Jeana Keough ‘Extremely Concerned’ For ‘Kidnapped’ Michaele Salahi

Real Housewives of Orange County star Jeana Keough is extremely concerned over reports that infamous White House party crasher,Michaele Salahi has been kidnapped.
Michaele was reported missing by her husband, Tareq, after she didn’t return from a hair appointment that she had scheduled for 11 a.m. – which she never arrived for.

According to Tareq, when he reported his wife missing to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, deputies informed him that Michaele had already called them, and said she was dealing with family issues but that she was safe.
Jeana is imploring Michaele to: “Check in with a police department in person to verify that you are safe. There are simply too many crazy people in the world. I know you have been plagued with stalkers, and I’m extremely concerned for your safety.

“Please check in with me or one of your friends, it’s just one phone call to let us know you are safe.”
Jeana has been calling Michaele’s cell phone but says that it’s now switched off.


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