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Ray J To Make Between $7-10 Milli For Sale Of Kimmy Cakes Sex Tape

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Looks like Ray J will again be the lucky recipient of some more of Kimmy’s “cake”:  Ray J thinks it’s a fabulous idea for Vivid Entertainment to sell the rights to “Kim K Superstar” … so long as he gets a big piece of the action. 

An undisclosed private party has offered to buy all rights to the XXX flick from Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch — which he told TMZ is worth at least $30 million. The buyer indicated he (though we’re guessing it’s a she) wanted to take the video off the market.  TMZ has obtained a letter from Ray J’s lawyer to Hirsch, in which the attorney makes it clear … Ray J has partial copyright ownership in the video and “any attempts to transfer the copyright outside of these parameters will result in filing a motion with the courts to seen an injunction of any sale until Ray J’s rights are protected.” Translation — he wants some serious cash.  The letter also says the video has been a pain in the a*s for Ray J: “… my client rarely has a conversation with industry professionals where the Tape has not been mentioned or questioned … no amount of money can relieve him from this nightmare.” 

The lawyer didn’t mention how much money Ray J has already made from the video.  As for Kim’s financial interest in the tape … no one is talking, but the video has made untold millions, and Kim is a smart businesswoman. We’re just sayin’…  There were some other information regarding the deal and we’ve learned that Ray J is expected to get $7.7 million if the tape is sold for the estimated $30 million it’s been valued for, however it’s likely that the clip will net a much larger amount — we’re talking $40-45 million and if that’s the case $10 million will go to Ray J and his company, with the rest going to Vivid Entertainment.  We can’t even be mad at the homie. If you’ve seen the tape, it’s pretty clear that although Kim is the draw, her corpse-like performace is definitely 2nd fiddle to Ray J’s “gifts”


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