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Real Housewives In Crisis — Adrienne Maloof Suffering Financial Troubles

Another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in financial trouble, and we have all the exclusive details about which wife is worried about having to watch her pennies.
Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeon husband Paul Nassif are the latest couple on the show to have personal financial troubles.

“She is cutting back on every aspect of her luxurious lifestyle,” a source says about the blonde heiress.
“Adrienne and Paul lead an extravagant life, but they’re having money troubles and are looking for ways to scale back their opulence.”
From small budget saving measures — like cutting shopping trips to larger cost cutters– Adrienne is making drastic moves to curtail the family’s expenses.
“She’s cut back on household staff, using people in the house only for the bare minimum requirements,” the source tells us.

“Adrienne and Paul argue all the time but now that the economy is bad and their personal fortunes are dwindling they’re making serious adjustments to their lifestyle,” the source adds.
After the shocking suicide death of Taylor Armstrong‘s husband Russell, Adrienne is making sure that she and Paul cut back and they figure out a way to manage their finances, the source says.
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