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Trey Songz: “I Rap Better Than Most Rappers” [Video]

R&B heartthrob Trey Songz recently spoke with our friends over at SoulCulture, and expressed his thoughts on his rapping skills. He went on record to say, “I don’t think no singer can rap better than me. I think I rap better than most rappers.”

He also talked about his love for rapping, artists blending different genres, and his ability to incorporate both rap & R&B into his music. And if you didn’t know, Trigga is a rapper-turnt-singer-turnt-rapper-again lol. But anyways, he will also be dropping his mixtapes ‘#Lemmeholdatbeat2′ and ‘Anticipation II’ on November 1st.
Real question though… Do you agree with him? Is he a better rapper than most rappers? What about a better rapper than the other singers out there?


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