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Vanity Fair Recognizes Hovi Hov aka Jay-Z As Business Man of the Year.

The Blueprint [Explicit]         Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z + Alicia Keys] (Explicit)       Can I Get A... [Explicit]
 Now, this is why more of you rapper type should try to be more like Jay-Z.
While y’all are worrying about who sold more records, which is what rappers are supposed to do, Hov is over here getting business accolades… for running Roc Nation??

Vanity Fair just released its annual “New Establishment List,” which highlights and applauds innovators and visionaries in business and entertainment. The list includes Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founders of Google, a couple of big names at Apple, one of the execs from Amazon and one of the behind the scenes folks at Twitter.
The list also salutes Lady Gaga as a singer, Justin Timberlake as an actor and the guys behind South Park. But Jay-Z isn’t being recognized for his spit skills.
Next to his name, it says “Roc Nation”… so because they produce some cool viral content, we’re going to ignore their inability to make their artists shine anywhere but right in Hovi’s front pocket???
Yeah, okay.


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