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Video: All The Pregnant Ladies! Beyonce Music Video !! Hilarious!!

Is this what Beyonce has to look forward to?

Expectant mother, Alaine Kashian, spoofed Beyonce’s Single Ladies video and it couldn’t be more appropriate now that the 29-year-old singer has announced she’s pregnant with her first child.

Clad in a black leotard and high heels, Kashian is agile at 38 weeks along, singing and gyrating to Beyoncé’s famous music videoand does a pretty good job with the dance moves despite her huge baby bump.
The red head’s version of the the song is called All The Pregnant Ladies and her lyrics reflect her mood swings and cravings with comical quips that any expectant mother would relate to.

“All the pregnant ladies, now put your feet up,” she sings and then goes on to detail all her ailments in the video that was made before Beyonce revealed she was expecting.
“Sitting in the tub, coffee in my cup, no caffeine in the thing. Pain in my hips, now you’re gonna trip, cause you can’t have sex with me. Don’t have a lap, can’t take a crap, how about water retention. My urine leaks, for 40 weeks, but you can’t be mad at me.”

Check out the Video Below:


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